About Us

AWT Firearms & MFG specializes in providing quality gun coating, modifications and manufactuing.  We service a wide range of products specifically to guns. Our expert technicians produce precision and specialized modification to pistols and rifles of any kind. We are currently poducing high quality customization and Cerakote coating for a nationaly known gun dealer.

About the Owner
I always told myself, when I own my own company, I am going to treat my employees like I always wanted to be treated when I was an employee.  I am going to produce a great product and provide a valuable service in the industry.  I truly believe, I have accomplished just that.  With the help of my wife, Lisa, we have created a company I am proud of.  AWT Firearms & Mfg is known for our knowledge and expertise in the field of Gunsmithing and including specialized coatings, modifications and manufacturing. Because we are very conscience of our quality of work it definitely isn’t the easiest job I’ve ever had, but it is the most rewarding one.

AWT Firearms & Mfg: "Firearms Build to a New Standard"
Jim Schroeder